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 Moraira - an area of natural beauty! 

For most of its history Moraira was just a small village, within the municipality of Teulada, exclusive to the fishermen. At times also there were security forces garrisoned there - hence the old castle, which has now been expertly renovated.

Moraira property | The Moraira CastleThese days the new face of Moraira attracts and captivates both the holidaymaker and those wishing for a better lifestyle on the Costa Blanca.
Although no longer a small fishing village, it still retains a wealth of beauty and peace.
The soldiers no longer occupy the castle and the Moraira marina has been constructed over the old harbour but the fishermen still have a a number subsidized moorings and a covered auction slab to sell their catch.

Large areas of the old vineyards still remain and there are also a lot more trees but few are pines, as the Moraira landscapers have tended to favour palms, jacarandas, bougainvilleas, cypresses etc.

Present-day Moraira is an almost perfect model of good planning and an example to other Spanish coastal and rural areas where, sad to say, things have gone horribly wrong.

Moraira property | The Moraira HeadlandThe terrain rises gently into the foothills providing the majority of properties with a view to the sea, uncluttered by high-rise buildings, which are a feature of most Spanish towns.

Building height has been limited to just 4 storeys in the town centre.
Outside of the Moraira town centre building height is restricted the two storeys, with detached single-family dwellings on a minimum plot size of 800 M2 (Now 1,000 M2).
Bungalows (linked properties with communal facilities) were once permitted but these have been prohibited since 1995.

During the 1980's and 1990's most of the available land in Moraira was built on and very little for new building now remains.
Urban Corruption, another recent sad aspect of Spanish development does not exist in the because there are no new Moraira urbanisations to corrupt.
Consequently, nearly all of the properties available are re-sales - in a wide variety of styles.

   General Information about the Moraira Area   

The Moraira Tourist Office is located in Casa de la Por at the entrance to Moraira and the Moraira/Teulada Road close to the Barclay Centre. Here you will find virtually everything you need to know about Moraira. The Moraira Tourist Office Website provides details of all current local events.

Moraira is part of the municipality of Teulada and the Town hall is in Teulada.

The Moraira Webcam is mounted on the castle, overlooking the main beach.  Access the Moraira Webcam Website here.

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